ClearPath Diagnostics is a pathologist-owned and operated tissue pathology and cytology practice that is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality service and diagnostics. We have an experienced team that will help make the process of securing accurate and timely pathology and cytology reports work for you. Rapid turnaround for diagnoses is an integral part of our service, providing you with clear and concise results.

Our complete facility for anatomic pathology services is staffed with experienced personnel throughout all sections. Couriers, billing staff, secretaries, technologists, administration and pathologists are all focused on ensuring your confidence with our efficient handling of diagnostic material. Our information technology experts integrate the latest developments in computer-driven technology for secure delivery of reports. Ease of access is our goal. Every call or question about service or diagnoses is attended to promptly.

By combining cytology and pathology with comprehensive administrative support and local ownership, ClearPath Diagnostics offers clinicians an unsurpassed resource for anatomic pathology outreach services in Central New York and beyond. The pride we have in our modern facility is reflected in all stages of work at ClearPath. We provide the best technical capabilities to ensure that specimens receive careful, precise handling. Our diagnostic product is the result of excellence in preparation combined with professional expertise that is unsurpassed in the region.

ClearPath has a long tradition of precision and innovation in tissue pathology and cytology. We have provided anatomic pathology services in upstate New York since 1975. In 1998 we moved our laboratory to our current location at 600 E. Genesee St., Syracuse to provide a convenient central facility. In 2002, we incorporated our tissue pathology and cytology operations into our new name, ClearPath Diagnostics.

The pathologists at ClearPath have extensive experience in diagnostic pathology. They have had subspecialty training in anatomic pathology and continue to maintain active involvement in continuing medical education programs.

Pathologists on site work closely with laboratory technologists, cytotechnologists and clerical staff to provide the best delivery of anatomic services for the benefit of patient care. Few other laboratories can boast this degree of integration of professional, technical and administrative services to serve health care providers.

Our independence, depth of experience and unique administrative infrastructure allow our facility to offer the highest quality patient care services while utilizing leading-edge technology. We're prepared to respond to the special needs of providers.

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